About Monis

FIS's Monis business unit focuses on the modelling, pricing, trading and risk management of convertible securities and other hybrid equity-linked instruments.

We provide a range of products and services including analytic libraries, software products and terms and conditions data to help clients who are originating, trading and managing portfolios of convertible structures and the associated asset classes for their hedging and risk management.

Used by more than 150 institutions and over 70 hedge funds, Monis is widely regarded as the benchmark for the convertible securities market.

Client Support

We are confident that our products provide excellent feature coverage and we like to augment this offering with a technical and quantitative support service that is second to none. As part of their maintenance contract, all registered Monis clients have access to a dedicated support service performed by highly qualified and experienced staff based at our offices around the globe.

- A world class team of financial and technical experts

- Multi-lingual staff

- Near round-the-clock coverage every working day

- Quick problem turnaround - most queries are sorted out within fifteen minutes

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Monis Analytic Libraries

Monis Analyzer

Monis XL

Monis Data Service

Contact us

To learn more about any of our Convertible solutions, you can contact our friendly Monis Support Team by emailing Monis support, or our sales team at Monis sales.

Alternatively Monis Support can be contacted by telephone between 0900 and 1730 in the following locations:

- London +44 (0)20 8081 2700
- New York +1 646 445 1017
- Hong Kong +852 2913 9429
- Tokyo +81 3 4570 3014

Monis Convertibles Training

FIS can offer training on both Monis products and the convertibles market. We do not believe that general expertise in derivatives is a sufficient foundation to enter the convertibles market - whether as a trading operation, software vendor or education provider.

We are ideally placed to provide educational services to the convertibles community. We have a close understanding of the market through outstanding relationships with our extensive client base, and a department dedicated to the provision of practical, market-oriented convertibles education.

What Do Monis Training Courses Cover?

We deliver tailored courses that:

- May be introductory, intermediate or advanced.

- Focus as necessary on describing convertible instruments, pricing, trading and/or origination.

- Feature the national/regional markets of your choice.

- Can cover convertible bonds only, convertible bonds and asset swaps, or a wider range of convertible and derivative instruments. If required, these courses can also involve thorough training on our own Monis software applications.

Benefits Of Monis Training Courses

The main benefits of convertibles training include:

- Comprehensive knowledge of convertible markets and structures.

- Stronger understanding of pricing methods and challenges.

- Appreciation of the main risk, trading and hedging issues.

- Thorough training in the use of Monis software applications.

Those who benefit include:

- Newcomers to the convertibles markets.

- People experienced in other asset classes who need to strengthen their understanding of the specific features of convertible instruments and pricing.

- People from both sales/trading desks and origination/syndication teams.

- Risk managers and research analysts who require good understanding of the quantitative issues.

- Support staff (for example audit, operations and technology) requiring a general overview of convertibles.

Please contact our training manager for more details on monis.training@fisglobal.com