Monis Data Service

The Monis Data Service (MDS) provides highly detailed terms and conditions data for the global Investable universe of convertibles. Researched by convertible market experts, the solution offers timely updates as a web service. It simplifies the complexity associated with modelling and maintaining high quality data required to support detailed analysis, pricing and hedging strategies for convertibles. In addition, the service includes certain market data fields relating to the the convertible instruments and their underlying equities.

New convertibles are added to the data service in a timely manner; modelling and pricing new issues, as and when the information becomes publicly available. An email is sent to our clients when a new addition to the database occurs.

Another recent innovation - the FIS Monis mobile app - is designed to further help our clients keep abreast of convertible market issuance, in particular when away from their desk, on an Android or iOS device.

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