Monis XL

Monis XL was built using specialist knowledge from the derivatives markets, mathematical modeling and software engineering. It transforms Microsoft Excel into a powerful three-factor analysis tool for a wide range of instrument types.

Data is presented in a portfolio-style interface, with pricing, and advanced sensitivity analysis possible across multiple holdings. It enables users to structure, model, price and analyse new or existing convertible deals; it also allows watch list tracking, basic portfolio analysis and risk management all within a familiar standard Excel environment.

Monis XL has been designed with the following key roles in mind:

- Sales

- Originators

- Traders

- Fund managers

- Risk managers

- Arbitrageurs

- Credit players

- Structured product players

- Researchers

- Market makers

- Corporate financiers and treasurers.

Monis XL offers efficient and easy structuring of deals, including transaction costs, implied volatility and credit spread, sensitivity analysis, risk management features and reporting facilities.

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